Where Will Massey Take You? (2005)

Cover photograph: Simon Creasey / Cover design: Sarah Grimes

Where Will Massey Take You? Life Writing 2. Edited by Jack Ross. ISBN 0-473-09551-3. Massey University: School of Social and Cultural Studies, 2005. viii + 155 pp.


Jack Ross
Where Will Massey Take You?

Catherine Alexander
Diagonal Parking in a Parallel Universe:
A view from within the world of Asperger’s Syndrome

Kali Bell
Going Back
The Trigger

Rachel Bresnahan
The Sheepskin
When she was good …
Someone Else’s Story

Nathan Calvert
Interview with Farid Shafizadeh Dizaji

Jenna Crowley
The Lawnmower Man
Six-Legged Fear

Erin Gallagher

Justine Giles
Mirror people
Old man, little boy

Anaise Irvine

Anna Leclercq
Bomb Blast

Erica Marsden
What to do?

Katie Ranby
Great-Grandmother’s Poetry

Phillipa Reeve
Roadside Reflections

Kelly Schischka
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About
Dr Leslie Whetter, Mr. Weta, The Man Who
Went to Antarctica & the German Spy on The Hill

Claire Talbot
Unpardonable Sins
Trauma: Journal

Emma Zhang
Love, Time and Memories:
Liu Jing Hua, My Grandmother


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School of Social and Cultural Studies
Massey University
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  1. Jenny Lawn. "Life Writing 2." School News – Massey University website [6/10/05]
    Lecturer Jack Ross has edited the second anthology of work by students in 139.226, Life Writing. The poems, short stories, and interviews gathered in the collection are varied and hard-hitting, so come to our book launch (details below) to meet the contributors and be inspired! The English programme is grateful to Sarah Grimes for the evocative cover design (from an image by Simon Creasey).

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