Golden Weather (2004)

Cover illustration: Tony Ogle / Cover design: Kate Greenaway

Golden Weather: North Shore Writers Past and Present. Poems edited by Jack Ross / Prose edited by Graeme Lay. ISBN 0-908561-96-2. Auckland: Cape Catley, 2004. 244 pp.


• Graeme Lay – Golden Weather: Prose Preface
• Jack Ross – Pure Enterprise: The Poetry of the North Shore


• Mary Stanley – Householder
• D’Arcy Cresswell – from Dear Lady Ginger
• –– from The Forest
• Stu Bagby – The Writing Holiday

Michael King - The Harmony of the Sea

Castor Bay

• Robin Hyde – from At Castor Bay
• –– The Verb
• Sam Hunt – At Castor Bay
• Wystan Curnow – from Castor Bay

Janet Frame - from An Angel at my Table


• Charles Brasch – from Indirections
• –– A View of Rangitoto
• Keith Sinclair – The Bomb is Made

Jean Bartlett - Rahopara Pa

Maurice Duggan - A Small Story

Peter. A. Smith - from 1951


• Lee Dowrick – remember
• A. R. D. Fairburn – Poem on the Advantages of Living at the Remuera End of the North Shore
• Kevin Ireland – Anzac Day, Devonport

Graeme Lay - The Island

Noel Virtue - from The Transfiguration of Martha Friend


• Mark Richards – Heading Home
• Jacqueline Crompton Ottaway – ghost ships beckon
• Jan Kemp – Sailing boats
• Michele Leggott – Bean Rock & Mr Whistler

Frank Sargeson - from More Than Enough


• Maurice Duggan – Calling on F. S. (1945)
• Riemke Ensing – lighthouse
• Janet Charman – Courtney Love and ‘The Hole That Jack Dug’
• Kevin Ireland – Ash Tuesday

Frank Sargeson - A Great Day


• A. R. D. Fairburn – The Cave
• A. R. D. Fairburn – La Belle Dame Sans Merci

A. R. D. Fairburn - Letters


• R. A. K. Mason – Old Memories of Earth
• R. A. K. Mason – Sonnet to MacArthur’s Eyes
• A. R. D. Fairburn – On R. A. K. Mason
• Hone Tuwhare – Ron Mason

Shonagh Koea - from Yet Another Ghastly Christmas

The Ferry

• C. K. Stead – 1932 The Student
• Michele Leggott – omphalos
• –– from Girls With Roses Being Carried On Tables To The Inn
• Bob Orr – Rimbaud’s Devonport Ferry
• Kendrick Smithyman – Mr Moriarty and the Ferry

Kevin Ireland - My Late Father

Growing Up

• Stu Bagby – First Dance
• Nick Williamson – Broken Light
• Alice Hooton – Going Spare
• Jacqueline Crompton Ottaway – At the top of the stairs

Barbara Anderson - from All the Nice Girls


• Kevin Ireland – An ode to social members
• Alistair Paterson – from Qu’appelle
• Tony Green – Walking: 14 May 2002
• Barry Southam – An Anzac Town like Ours

Chad Taylor - from Electric


• Kendrick Smithyman – About Setting a Jar on a Hill
• Jack Ross – Antipodes
• Michele Leggott – Keeping Warm

C. K. Stead - from All Visitors Ashore


• James K. Baxter – Ode to Auckland
• Frank McKay – from The Life of James K. Baxter
• Allen Curnow – A Small Room with Large Windows
• Kendrick Smithyman – If I Stepped Outside, in May ‘93
• C. K. Stead – K.S. (1922-95)

Maurice Gee - from In My Father’s Den


• Nick Williamson – Home Movie
• Sonja Yelich – narrow neck from the boat ramp
• Kevin Ireland – Pity about the Gulls

Anna Kavan - Two New Zealand Pieces


• Maurice Duggan – Letter from Gaul
• Kendrick Smithyman – Near Mahurangi
• Richard von Sturmer – from Sentient Dreams, 1, 2 & 5
• Lee Dowrick – somewhere else
• Karl Wolfskehl – Vor Ausfahrt, die Alten
• [trans J. R.] – Before Exodus: The Elders

Christine Cole Catley - Kindness, Death and Hope


• A. R. D. Fairburn – Full Fathom Five
• Sam Hunt – My Father Today
• Wensley Willcox – Conversation with my Mother
• Jack Ross – Except Once

Bruce Mason - from The End of the Golden Weather


• Kendrick Smithyman – Just One April Morning by the Channel

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Christine Cole Catley
Cape Catley Ltd
Ngataringa Rd
PO Box 32-622
North Shore City

RRP: $NZ 34.99

Reviews & Comments:

  1. Warwick Rogers. North & South 225 (December 2004): 109.

    Prose editor Graeme Lay, characterises the Shore as “Auckland’s Left Bank”. So, choosing whose work to include and whose to leave out would have been quite a task, but he has chosen well.

    The same can’t be said for the book’s poetry editor, Jack Ross of Massey University’s Albany campus. Call me a philistine if you like — and many of you will — but to me most of the poems in this collection, particularly those of the young contemporary poets, are utterly incomprehensible.

  2. Scott Hamilton. "After the Golden Weather: Jack Ross and the New New Zealand." brief 32 (2005): 115-19.

    I wish that Jack and Graeme had thrown a few of the stories in Jack’s book into their anthology, because Monkey Miss Her Now is a determined attempt to come to grips with the place Michael King rejected. Jack’s unusual achievement is to treat the subject matter of this ‘new’, if not improved, New Zealand – language schools, suburban swing parties, boy racers, text message pests, and the rest – using a style and sensibility that hark back to the ‘classical’ New Zealand literary tradition that the best writers of the Old Shore did so much to establish.

Launch of Golden Weather Anthology in Takapuna Library (19 September, 2004)

[Back Row (l-to-r): Shonagh Koea / Alistair Paterson / Stu Bagby / Lee Dowrick / Jan Kemp / Tony Green / C. K. Stead / Bust of Frank Sargeson / Wensley Willcox / Graeme Lay / Kevin Ireland
Front Row (l-to-r): Christine Cole Catley / Jack Ross / Jean Bartlett / Alice Hooton / Jacqueline Crompton Ottaway / Riemke Ensing]

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